Ambulance Service

Our emergency ambulance service has saved many lives responding to road accidents, transporting patients in need of surgery and providing support after the earthquake.

“Through their courage to act, compassion, competence, and hard work, we have no doubt that HHA will continue to make a significant difference for the people of Northern Haiti.”
Nate Nickerson RN, DrPH, Executive Director, Konbit Sante

The Injustice:

Across the North of Haiti, there are few accessible 24/7 ambulances available and able to respond to a host of emergencies. In a recent HHA survey with partners Konbit Sante, women identified the challenges of transportation as one of the main obstacles they don’t access hospitals at night. The lack of appropriate transportation subsequently places women and babies at great risk during maternity emergencies within the community. Aside from maternity care, a lack of ambulance support also increases the risk of mortality for other common emergencies in Haiti, like road traffic accidents and cholera.

Our Response:

Haiti Hospital Appeal ambulance with earthquake victimsIn 2009 we launched one of North Haiti’s first and most accessible 24/7 ambulance services, which provides assistance to emergencies through out the Northern region. The 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser is able to access remote areas, and provides assistance to a range of critical health needs including obstetrical emergencies, road traffic accidents, cholera, and long distant referrals for complex cases to the Dominican Republic. The ambulance has also provided assistance to large scale emergencies including to the earthquake in 2010, and supported the Haitian Ministry of Health and United Nations.