Ushering in Hope

 I often ask myself how people end up in the work that they do. I also often forget to ask for their story- the individual journey that brought them to where they are.

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A Song to Unsung Heroes

Doctors and nurses are often thought of as some sort of real-life superheroes, and it’s easy to see why. I mean they do save lives on a daily basis; they don’t rescue people from thieves and vagabonds but rather from the sometimes more sinister evils of injury and disease which are just as much of a threat to innocent people.  I am not here to disprove that image of medical professionals – they have hard jobs and I’ve heard numerous stories since working at HCBH that have made me think “rather them than me”. I have a huge amount of admiration for our staff who work tirelessly for the wellbeing of their patients. Read more »


The Beautiful & Unusual

I love living in Haiti for so many reasons. One of the most fun things about life here is the weird and unusual experiences that seem to pop up so often. A great example of this is the wonderful opportunity HHA had to host the U.K. Navy on their visit to Cap Haitien. Read more »


Two weeks in Haiti

I’ve just returned from a two week trip to Haiti and don’t really know where to begin in terms of bringing everyone up to speed. Read more »


First Impressions

Excited to welcome our new Volunteer Coordinator, Natasha to the team.  Here is her first blog!

What I have found most striking about working at the hospital in the three weeks that I’ve been in Haiti so far, is the joy that can be found there. That may sound like rather an odd statement. Hospitals are places for people who are ill; they are not usually places where the word “joy” would spring to mind. Despair and desperation could be expected perhaps, or fatigue and worry. Read more »