Vaccination Post

On Friday, I made my way downtown Cap Haitien to meet up with some of our DFID UK staff. We met at the Department of Health (MSPP) Office where they picked up vaccinations, coolers, & supplies for the day. We then drove to the bottom of the mountain that overlooks the city, parked the car, and began to walk. The community of Calvaire is blessed with the gift of stairs most of the way up the mountain. Most other places only have rocks and slick, dirty-packed paths. The stairs zig zag through houses, over and up, some parts slick from water and waste that are trickling down from homes and small shops. It is quite steep and we stop and take time to rest, catch our breath, and give our calves a break from the burning!

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In the eyes of Abi

I’ve been in Haiti for nearly 3 weeks now, and I may be leaving at the end of the week, but it definitely wish I could be staying longer. I flew into Cap-Haitien, slightly later than intended due to some issues in Miami (aka me missing my flight), and didn’t really know much about where I was going, or even what I would be doing. I’ve spent a lot of the past year at University learning about countries such as Haiti, about the grand scale of diseases and social inequality here, but had always felt like it was something I actually want to come and see with my own eyes, rather than just reading a second hand account from a suggested text book. Read more »


Women’s Group Graduation

This weekend I had the privilege of participating in a celebration of 30 women finishing one of our Women’s Groups. While planning, they referred to it as a party. Closer to the date, that word was changed from party to graduation.  Read more »



We ended up at the hospital on Saturday afternoon, waiting for a contractor. It was hot and humid and they were late. Natasha and I stood outside of the cafeteria underneath the shade of one of the beautiful trees on the HCBH campus.

An older woman approached us looking quite distraught. She spoke to us, but it was very difficult to understand her through her tears. Her only son had died that day, struggling for a few days after an accident on the dangerous roads we have in Haiti. She cried as she returned with some receipts from the hospital. Another woman approached us and explained. The grief-stricken woman had used all the money she had on her son’s treatment. She was returning home with nothing. Not even enough to pay for transportation. Read more »


1,000km Cycle of Change – FINISHED!

1,000km and 58 hours of road time later, yesterday afternoon we finally pulled into Nottwil for the end of Cycle of Change. Read more »