We ended up at the hospital on Saturday afternoon, waiting for a contractor. It was hot and humid and they were late. Natasha and I stood outside of the cafeteria underneath the shade of one of the beautiful trees on the HCBH campus.

An older woman approached us looking quite distraught. She spoke to us, but it was very difficult to understand her through her tears. Her only son had died that day, struggling for a few days after an accident on the dangerous roads we have in Haiti. She cried as she returned with some receipts from the hospital. Another woman approached us and explained. The grief-stricken woman had used all the money she had on her son’s treatment. She was returning home with nothing. Not even enough to pay for transportation. Read more »


1,000km Cycle of Change – FINISHED!

1,000km and 58 hours of road time later, yesterday afternoon we finally pulled into Nottwil for the end of Cycle of Change. Read more »



Have you ever met those people who immediately put you at ease? We here at HCBH have the pleasure of having just such a person as the head OB-GYN. His name is Dr. Genet. Read more »


Equipping Women

I’m sitting in the back of a community building- rows of old, donated cafeteria tables & benches in a line. A woman walks in with a broom made of palm leaves to sweep out the dirt and dust. A community healthcare worker uses an old towel to wipe down the tables & benches. A nurse gathers her materials to prepare. 

 And then the singing starts. Read more »


A wheelchair, a mountain, a castle and a dream

Sibille Buehlmann is a representative of the Swiss Paraplegic foundation, currently living in Cap Haitien and working with the rehab centre at HCBH. Here she recounts her experience of taking rehab patients up to the Citadelle for the first time.

Since we’ve been working with Spinal Cord Injured people in Haiti, we’ve had a dream of one day being able to take them to the top of the Citadelle, in wheelchairs. Situated about an hour from Cap-Haitian on top of a mountain, this fortress is one of Haiti’s most famous historic landmarks and a sight that Haitians as well as foreigners enjoy visiting. 

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