Desperate call to action

Alongside visiting South Sudan in the last few weeks, I have been deeply troubled monitoring the hospital situation in Haiti.  In Cap-Haitien (Haiti’s second largest city), where we work, both government facilities are now shut due to pay related strikes.   Read more »


International Nurse’s Day

This week, HCBH is having activities specifically honoring nurses. And today we will hold a chapel service to recognize the work nurses do here and all over the world. Yesterday, the head nurse here held a round table discussion, hoping to talk about ways of improving care and identifying gaps in service. The interesting thing to point out is the timeliness of this discussion. Since April, the largest government hospital in Cap-Haitien has been on strike. This week, the smaller last-standing government hospital in the area closed their doors as well. Now there are two rather small hospitals receiving all patients for inpatient services in the second largest city in Haiti. Read more »


Yei, Kajo Keji, and Winnie

Following on from our time in Juba, we travelled down with Mission Aviation Fellowship to Yei, a rural area about 30mins south west of Juba. You have to fly everywhere long distance here as the roads aren’t safe, with reported monthly ambushes it seems on cars between Yei and Juba. Read more »


Nerves, Juba and Economic Crisis

The week before we were due to fly to South Sudan, I think it would be fair to say Gareth (trustee) and I were both nervous. We were due to fly into Juba, the capital city, which waited in tense anticipation for the return of rebel leader Riek Machar to join the government as Vice President. This was part of an eagerly awaited transition to a collation government between apposing forces – an agreed plan as part of the peace process. Read more »


115 Solar Lamps for Haiti

Often I am asked why Haiti Hospital Appeal is a project partner for solar lamps. True, at first sight solar lamps and a hospital do not have anything in common. Read more »