Cholera Response

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The Injustice:

In October 2010 a violent cholera epidemic hit Haiti, which has since claimed the lives of 7,500 people (Dec 2012.) Our target area had some of the most aggressive attacks in the early stages, with an initial 13% cholera related mortality rate for those infected in our surrounding communities. The poor sanitation situation in Haiti only increases the continued risks of the epidemic, which still have a significant impact in the areas we’re working in.

Our Response:

We’ve partnered with the Haitian Ministry of Health, MSF and others to open Cap-Haitien’s largest cholera treatment centre, which has the capacity to provide inpatient care for up to 300 people, and treated over 11,000 patients in 2011. This centre is still open, and provides life saving treatment to people from across Cap-Haitien.

During the early stages of the epidemic, in partnership with Konbit Sante, we also set up and ran 55 oral re-hydration posts around Cap-Haitien, which even in one 3 month period, supported over 360,000 people. We helped distribute over 300 water filters, over 5,000 bottles of cholrox, and a million aqua tabs purchased by Konbit Sante, and also ran numerous education sessions including a conference for over 400 community leaders.

Thanks to the collaborations we were involved in, the cholera related mortality rate dropped from 13% to 0.5% in our target zones, with a significant decrease in cases within the community.


Thank you to everyone who supported our cholera response work over the years. Thankfully Cholera has now subsided to manageable levels in Haiti and although it is still present, we do not need to run a dedicated cholera treatment centre at the hospital. Many health challenges still remain so please consider donating to other areas of our work.