Fundraising for the appeal is a great to get involved and do something you love at the same time! Here are some ideas...

Do it yourself

Stretch yourself and bring hope by creating a Justgiving page or downloading a sponsorship form to fundraise in your own personal way. Run a marathon, have a tea party, paint some faces; be creative and get active.



 Schools and Uni’s

Get your school, university, nursery or playgroup on board. Kids, young people and students are often the most inspiring fundraisers, brimming with ideas. We have great relationships with schools and universities and are more than happy to visit you and speak in assemblies and the like. Run a tuck shop, have a quiz or organise a mufti day and mobilise a group response.

Churches/Faith based groups

Put faith into action and muster the support of your church. We are a Christian Charity and believe in the mandate we have been given to care for the sick and reach out to the poor. In our resources pack we have all the information for you to lead a service, youth event or house group to inspire a response.



Drum up some support and do something at work. It’s a great place to encourage others to do their bit and make an impact. Have a cake sale, a card sale or a dress down day. Get your colleagues on your side and brighten up your working day.