Maison De Benediction

See our News and Blog pages to keep up-to-date with the latest information. Our Children's Home, The House of Blessings cares for some of Haiti's most at risk and vulnerable children. It is a respite centre that provides support to children with physical and mental special needs.

‘We were impressed by the care provided to these special needs patients and the specialised training of local nursing students.’
Nuzhat Ahmad, Head of Regional Office, MINUSTAH North, United Nations in response to HHA spinal unit

The Injustice: 

Over 1 billion people, approximately 15% of the worlds population live with a disability.  Of this group, 80% live in the developing world in countries like Haiti where there is a severe lack of services available.  For instance,  it's estimated that only 2% of children with a disability living in developing countries receive education.  This certainly seems a reality in Haiti, in a country which often views disabled children as 'worthless.'  Children with disabilities are often completely excluded from society, and often kept at home or abandoned.

Our Response:

In 2009 we opened Maison de Benediction, a respite centre which cares for children with physical and mental special needs.  The centre provides individual programmes for each child based on the needs of their family, providing health care, physiotherapy, food, music, crafts, sports and other related activities to enhance the children’s life.  We empower families to care for their children within the family structure, helping to avoid parents feeling forced to abandon their children.

We also have a Community Based Rehabilitation team who work within the community advocating on behalf of those families who have children with disabilities.  The team provides support for families, run community integration events, and education conferences for schools, faith groups, organisations etc.  Over 130 families are supported through this work, the only programme of its kind in North Haiti.

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