Maternity Unit

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‘HHA came to help make the vision of a well-respected Haitian paediatrician a reality; a Haitian hospital that offered quality, affordable, and compassionate care to the poor.  I was immediately impressed by their interest in working closely and respectfully with both the community and the Haitian health authorities to “do it right”, with maximum local direction and ownership.’
Nate Nickerson RN, DrPH, Executive Director, Konbit Sante

The Injustice:

Every day across the globe, around 1,000 women and girls die needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth, most in the developing world.  Haiti has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the Western Hemisphere, with around 74% of births taking place at home without any form of medical support, placing both mother and child at great risk.  Women subsequently face a 1 in 37 chance of dying during labour.

These risks which often needlessly lead to death or life long disability, can easily be avoided when women have better access to education, transportation to receive care, and appropriate medical support at facilities.

Our Response: 

Our Maternity Unit provides specialist care to women across North Haiti.  Though our community outreach work and mobile clinics, we identify the most high-risk women, and ensure they receive the support they deserve.

Our Maternity facility is open 24/7 and has 22 inpatient beds, 2 delivery rooms, a surgical department for C-sections and other emergency surgical needs, and provides pre and post natal consultations, including ultra sound screening.  We also offer vaccinations, HIV screening and support, family planning, education, vitamin distribution and much more.

In 2012 this work is being funded by the White Ribbon Alliance.  However, for the long-term sustainability of this project we need your support.  If you’d like to help bring hope to life for women and babies, please make a donation today, or even consider signing up to become a monthly donor.