Posted by Carwyn on 07/06/11 at 12:41am

Change – Take a little 2 minute look at some of what HHA’s been up to in the last three months. It’s been an incredible time seeing huge refurbishment work take place at the hospital and the kids home, new buildings for our rehabilitation and maternity unit; over 360,000 people supported through our cholera response with Konbit Sante, Cap-Haitien’s first amputee football team and much more. We’ll update you in more detail on the specific projects in the coming weeks. Here is just a sneak preview.

(Oh…and just a little warning. The video may be a bit quick for some people, so you might need to watch it a few times. It was put together quickly late at night by our guys in Haiti, so is a little rough around the edges. Never the less, hope it inspires!)