Some of the Kids

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“I am always overwhelmed to see the incredible difference that has been made by the love, commitment and compassion of our Haitian staff to these children, many of whom would have died without this urgent service.”
Carwyn Hill, CEO and Co-founder, HHA


Grace and NancyGrace was abandoned at Cap-Haitien’s Government Hospital when she was just 6 months old. Severely malnourished and suffering from severe hydrocephalus, doctor’s thought she was days away from dying. Our staff worked tirelessly around the clock to build Grace up, whilst at the same time searching for an urgently needed operation. She’s now been operated on by CURE International, been fostered into a Haitian foster family, and transformed into a new child.


Priscaille was another child abandoned at the Government Hospital. Priscaille was left abandoned with no one to take of her for 4 months. Like many children in Haiti, Priscaille has cerebral palsy, often caused through brain damage at birth, due to the 75% of children born at home without any medical support. Like Grace, she has been received within a foster family which HHA support, and attends Maison de Benediction for three days a week. She loves to play, sing, and interact with the other children, and has developed incredibly since we first found her.


Caleb learning to walkCaleb has a large loving family that care for him dearly. He has severe autism and learning difficulties, and comes to us simply as other children go to school. The home gives his parents some much earned respite so they can support their other children as well. His father is as much a part of the home as Caleb, often dropping in to chat to the staff, and sharing his needs with our administrator so we can seek to offer personal support where possible. Caleb is learning to walk, as well as developing other skills like his ability to communicate through different forms of therapy.