What We Do

The Haiti Hospital Appeal is dedicated to loving and serving some of the most vulnerable people on the planet through a quality health care system.

What We Do


About Us

Since 2006, we’ve been providing a quality form of health care that is not restricted to the few but a right for all. Moved by the depth of suffering that Haitians experience every day, we bring transformation to communities where even the most basic health care has been unavailable.

Helping to run one of the leading hospitals in North Haiti, we specialise in community health care, maternity, paediatric, and neo-natal care, and rehabilitation services for adults and children.

Working alongside the Haitian Government and grass root partners, we seek to empower a sustainable, inclusive and accessible health service, driven by Haitian vision and staff. We are a Christian charity with a heart of compassion and a desire for justice. We choose to stand in the gap for the innocent and vulnerable as Jesus did, offering health care without any form of regional, religious, or economical discrimination.