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Community Health

Our health centre provides urgent services including vaccination programmes, health education and food distribution for malnourished families.

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The Haiti Hospital Appeal provides quality health care and community support to some of the world's poorest people.

We currently run a hospital, a health centre, a children's home and a 4x4 emergency ambulance service.
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Blog: Vaccination Post

On Friday, I made my way downtown Cap Haitien to meet up with some of our DFID UK staff. We met at the Department of Health (MSPP) Office where they picked up vaccinations, coolers, & supplies for the day. We then drove to the bottom of the mountain that overlooks the city, parked the car, and began to walk. The community of Calvaire is blessed with the gift of stairs most of the way up the mountain. Most other places only have rocks and slick, dirty-packed paths. The stairs zig zag through houses, over and up, some parts slick from water and waste that are trickling down from homes and small shops. It is quite steep and we stop and take time to rest, catch our breath, and give our calves a break from the burning!

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